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School Renovation in H-11
A team of 30 students accompanied by 50 workers went to the Islamabad Model College for Boys located in the police lines, H-11 sector of Islamabad on Saturday November 28, 2015. The group included 8 students from the Community Service Learning project and the event head, Asim Saeed. Director Administration, Brigadier Arif Siddique and Deputy Director Administration, Major Zubair supervised the activities along with Faculty head NCSC Dr Muhammad Safdar.
The group was split up in to teams and each one was assigned a specific task. One group decided to take on the classrooms and began painting the walls and the ceiling, while simultaneously the professional workers began their work repairing the window panes, electrical wirings and installing fans. Another group set out to prune the trees, clearing the landscape and uprooting dead tree trunks. One batch of students joined the workers as they lifted up the walls and plastered them. Meanwhile, a group of girls sat down to paint the furniture being repaired by the carpenter. Sanitary facilities of the bathrooms were restored and roofs were installed on them. The school entrance was tended to as well; the ground was leveled off and the general area cleared. These activities were carried out on the next day from morning till evening until the whole school was fully renovated. This also included the plaster and paint of the walls and the repainting and installation of the school sign board.