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Sincerity in Action

On Thursday the 21st of November, the NUST Character Building Team (an official wing of the NUST Community Services Club) held their first ever event. The NIT/SCEE Auditorium within the campus was jam-packed with students and faculty members as the speaker Raja Zia Ul Haq, CEO Youth Club, arrived to deliver his talk on Sincerity in Action.

After the recitation of some verses of the Quran, a short introductory speech was made to officially mark the start of the event. The three organisations involved in the event, i.e. Youth Club Pakistan, TABA Youth Chapter, and the NUST Community Services Club were thanked. The faculty sponsor for the event, Dr Irtiza, was also appreciated for his support and involvement before the speaker was called up to the stage to deliver the talk.

Raja Zia ul Haq, with his likable personality and his upfront views immediately drew the attention of the audience. The entire auditorium rang out with laughter and appreciation as the speaker went over his life as a young adult forced to make choices. Using simple analogies, Raja Zia not only established the importance of being true to oneself, but also spoke about how a student could bring about a positive change in his/her life- simply by choosing to be sincere. He left the audience with some food for thought and a small writing task to find out which of their strengths could help to bring about a change in the society.

Following a brief question and answer session, the Faculty Sponsor for the event Dr. Irteza added some closing remarks of his own. The speaker was presented with  a shield to mark the occasion, and the audience was served refreshments. The event was termed an immediate success based on the responses of the participants.

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