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Visit to Aagosh Orphanage by Community Service learning course students
Visit to Aagosh Orphanage Rawalpindi was carried out by course students on 16th October 2016. The children were organized into a huge circle and conducted an interactive session to get to know them in the form of a game called ‘pass the parcel’. Children introduced themselves and displayed one of their talents each; gifts were distributed to appreciate them. The next activity was painting; NUST volunteers divided the children into groups and gave them a chance to showcase their creativity in the form of art. Later on, CSL-401 students led the children downstairs, into a classroom. Here, in order to energize the kids again, they initiated a game of musical chairs and handed out presents to the last three who remained at the end. Afterwards, using a white board as a wall, they amused them with a prepared puppet show; the puppet show was aimed at indirectly providing them career counseling. The activities ended with a final series of quiz questions and presents were given to those who gave correct answers. Once done with this activity, NUST volunteers set up a photo booth for the kids on the rooftop. The children posed alongside their friends and the participants wearing all sorts of cartoon-based props.