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Seminar on Fire Safety and Disaster Management
​NUST Community Service Club organized a seminar on ‘Fire Safety and Disaster Management’ at RIMMS on April 5 to help students identify and eliminate potential fire hazards in their surroundings, and respond correctly in case of a disaster.
The seminar was organized in association with Rescue 1122 fire and emergency department. An expert from Rescue 1122 dwelt extensively on the various aspects of modern techniques of fire mitigation and management. He demonstrated the correct method of using a fire extinguisher and stressed upon the importance of having fire extinguishers readily available at public buildings and dwellings. The speaker said that the most common causes were careless smoking, overloaded electrical service and heating problems.
He also cited the recent incident of Karachi Garment Factory Fire, highlighting the cause of the fire and outlining various preventive practices which could have minimized the damage. At the end of the session, Dr. Irtiza, Faculty Sponsor NCSC also briefed on modern trends of fire detection, protection and suppression systems.
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