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Seminar on Safe Blood Transfusion
The general public is usually skeptical regarding safe methods of blood donation and transfusion. As a result of constant shortage of blood in the hospitals and blood banks, one finds difficulty in access to blood at the time of need. To highlight this issue and to resolve the misconceptions about blood donation and its transfusion, NUST Community Service Club held a seminar on April 12.
Project Director of Safe Blood Transfusion Services Program (PIMS), Dr. Hassan Abbas Zaheer talked about the global and national scenario of blood transfusion, voluntary blood donations and strategies for maintaining a sustainable blood bank.
Dr. Hassan said that 1-3% of the population needed to be donors in order to maintain an adequate blood supply. In Pakistan, of an estimated demand of 3.2 M units, only 1.8 M units are collected, so there is a constant shortage of blood for the people who need it. Also, the collected blood is not divided into components to be used for three different individuals, rather, is directly transfused in a patient after screening. As a result, only one life is saved instead of three. The speaker also spoke about central blood bank of Islamabad being established.
The seminar was part of the Community Service Course offered by NCSC. Internship opportunities are also being created for the students in the Central Blood Bank Project in the field of marketing, IT and diagnostics.
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