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Seminar on Understanding Community
NUST Community Service Club organized a seminar titled ‘Understanding Community,’ and invited Dr. Patricia Omidian, an anthropologist from USA. She discussed her experience of working with different communities. She kept the audience engaged in an interactive session in which students were asked to come up on the stage one-by-one if they considered themselves a Pakistani. Then she divided them into groups based on their ethnicity: Punjabi, Baloch, etc. The activity was done to give a practical example that people belonging to different cultures and regions could live together in peace and harmony. She emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting the differences of each community, creating an environment in which people could live amicably. She pointed out that the world has become a global village in which no society can live in isolation; and therefore, we should try to blend in while keeping our heritage intact. In order to achieve this, she said, “One needs to ‘listen’.” The seminar concluded off with the presentation of souvenir to the speaker.
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