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The Signature

The signature is to be used in all branding/ non-branding communication such as magazines, flyers, posters, brochures, billboards, standees and giveaways/ souvenirs.

It is also to be used with branding and non-branding print advertisements, road signage and giveaways/ souvenirs.

The signature with positioning statement ‘Defining futures’ is to be used with posters, magazine, brochures, flyers, streamers, standees and billboards. This can also be used for branding advertisements.

No-branding print advertisements are used to provide the readers with a particular piece of information, such as Admission Ads, Employment Ads, Expression of Interest Ads, Tender Ads, and Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposium Ads.

Branding print advertisements are used to strengthen and improve the overall image of an entity and do not necessarily contain any particular piece of information for readers.


The rules shown in this section will ensure that the signature is always presented in a consistent and clear way. Whenever the signature is used, it should be presented in such a way that it is immediately recognized.

NUST Blue version

This is the standard version and must be used wherever possible. Suitable for most applications, (print, e-media, and advertisement). 

Blue Reverse

Use only if the dark blue cannot be used. 

Single Colour Black Version

Use only if half-tones cannot be reproduced accurately and colour cannot be used (e.g.  single colour ads, fax headers, blind embossing, stamping, casting). 

Black Reverse

Use only if black cannot be used.

Signature Don’ts 

Under no circumstances is tampering allowed with the NUST Signature. Some usual mistakes are mentioned here that can be termed as tampering. 


Small Media

Standard Size

The standard size appears on all quarter page branding and non-branding print advertisements, fliers and brochures at a width of 30 mm.

The size may be increased proportionately, for instance, in a half page advertisement, it may be doubled to 60 mm, and so forth.

Minimum Size

The signature may be proportionately scaled to a minimum width of 17 mm, where space constraints mean the standard size signature may not be used.

Large Media

 Standard Size

The signature may be proportionally scaled to a width of 15 inches for large media, such as road signage, streamers and standees.

For example, this standard size, 15 in., can be used for a streamer of 7 ft. x 3 ft.

For even larger media such as billboards/ hoardings the size can be increased from the standard size to match the need.

Minimum Size

The signature may be proportionally scaled to a minimum size of 6 in. for use where space constraints may mean the standard size may not be used. 

Exclusion Zone

As a general rule, in order to maintain its integrity, when the signature is presented in its standard form in stationery and electronic applications, a clear space equal to the height of the rising sun – the exclusion zone – must be left.

Also, other graphic elements, such as photographs, illustrations or typography should not interfere or encroach on the exclusion zone. If you refer to the examples shown on pages 8 and 9 the exclusion parameters were used to maintain the integrity of the signature.


The ICON is an informed sign that can be used for souvenirs to be used by the students of NUST and their friends/ family members.

It can be used for merchandise for students, such as T-shirts, caps, wrist bands, jumpers, sweat shirts, sweaters and other casual wear items.

Students are allowed to reproduce and use the ICON on non-academic merchandise but it should only be produced in the five variations shown.


The use of the correct colors is defined in these pages. To enable successful color matching of our corporate colors NUST blue, silver, beige, ceramic blue, orange and white, swatch sheets are supplied with this Brand Book. The NUST corporate identity colors should also be applied to media such as internet websites and Powerpoint presentations

Primary color (NUST Blue) is the main corporate color and should feature in all corporate/ commercial material.

Secondary colors (or their defined tones) may be usd for graphics, such as graphs, illustrations, headings, masts, backgrounds, text or tabs.

In single color/ black and white situations, the corresponding grey scale values should be used.


Calisto MT is the official font for all official communications. The freedom with which the Calisto MT typeface can be used is limited to characteristics such as letter spacing, line spacing, alignment and any other aspects relating to the use of the typeface on items like stationery and signage.