Admissions PhD Programs LIST OF PhD SUPERVISORS


Supervisors for doctoral education play a key role in developing students’ research skills helping them to undertake an independent inquiry and build their professional careers in a progressive manner.  Beyond this primary responsibility, supervisors have vital importance in the personality development of students to prepare them as role models for society. HEC has laid down a criterion for PhD supervisors for prospering future of higher education in the country. NUST has various supervisors serving in different institutions of the University. Below is the list of these supervisors.

S. N​​o NA​​ME Designation Email Mobile # Qualification Degree Specialization Job Status
1. Peter John Professor [email protected] 03326983838 PhD Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics Active
2. Najam us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi Professor [email protected] 03028551818 PhD Biochemistry and Biotechnology Vaccine &Therapeutic Development Active
3. Attya Bhatti Professor [email protected] 03015172424 PhD Molecular Biology Molecular Genetics Active
4. Mohammad Tahir Professor [email protected] 03224415661 PhD Biological Sciences Plant Viruses Active
5. Touqeer Ahmed Professor [email protected] 03335436893 PhD Pharmacology Pharmacology Active
6. Hussnain A. Janjua Professor [email protected] 03235680231 PhD Microbial Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Active
7. Muhammad Qasim Hayat Professor [email protected] 03335232392 PhD Plant Sciences Ethno botany, Taxonomy Active
8. Nasar Um Minullah Asst. Prof. [email protected] PhD Plant Immunology Plant Immunology Ex-Pak Leave
9. Maria Shabbir Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03345510903 PhD Biochemistry Oncology Active
10. Sobia Manzoor Professor [email protected] 03214760331 PhD Molecular Virology Hepatitis C Virus Active
11. Faiza Munir Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03345078481 PhD Biotechnology Plant Biotechnology Active
12. Fazal Adnan Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03333122939 PhD Microbiology Microbiology Active
13. Rabia Amir Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03350535895 PhD Cell/Mol. Biology Plant genetics/Plant Biotechnology Active
14. Shah Rukh Abbas Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03355449622 PhD Chemical Engr. and Biotechnology Nanotechnology Active
15. Muhammad Faraz Bhatti Professor [email protected] 03338554648 PhD Molecular Biology Fungal Virology Active
16. Amjad Ali Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03339191903 PhD Genetics/Genomics/Bioinformatics Microbial Genomics Active
17. Rumeza Hanif Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03339197603 PhD Biochemistry Cancer Biology Active
18. Saadia Zahid Professor [email protected] 03349111797 PhD Biochemistry Proteomics Active
19. Saadia Andleeb Professor [email protected] 03335188343 PhD Microbiology Microbiology Active
20. Abdur Rehman Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03330297111 PhD Food Sciences and Biotechnology Food Sciences Active
21. Alvina Gul Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03325774799 PhD Biotechnology Sustainable Agriculture Active
22. Aneela Javed Assoc. Prof. [email protected] O333575247 PhD Molecular Immunology/Virology Virology/Immunology Active
23. Dilawar Khan Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03059059363 PhD Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Cancer Stem Cells Active
24. Salik Javed Kakar Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03327889900 PhD Medicine Regenerative Medicine Active
25. Tahir Ahmed Baig Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03334201464 PhD Environmental Virology Environmental Viruses Active
26. Saira Justin Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03465390861 PhD Natural Sciences Bladder Cancer Active
27. Mirium Kathleen Gomez Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03325511989 PhD Genetics and Molecular Medicine Molecular Medicine Active
28. Yasmeen Badshah Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03315216550 PhD Virology Viral Cancers Active
29. Ghulam Haider Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 03006344474 PhD     Active
30. Khurram Yousuf Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03424000972 PhD Agricultural Engineering Food and Agriculture Active
31. Waqas Alam Chattha Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03318712331 PhD Agricultural Recourse Economics Agricultural Economics Active
32. Sobia Asghar Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03099232327 PhD Natural Resource Management Agricultural Management Active
33. Naila Naz Professor [email protected] 03126929495 PhD   Molecular Medicine Active
34. Muhammad Asghar Professor [email protected] +46761959663 PhD Biology Infectious Biology Active
35. Imran Tarique Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03463626699 PhD Veterinary Medicine Molecular Medicine Active
36. Rashid Khan Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03110752144 PhD Membrane Technology Membrane Technology Active
37. Ayeesha Mujeeb Assoc. Prof. [email protected] PhD Tissue Engineering Tissue Engineering Ex-Pak Leave
38. Shehzad Abid Khan Asst. Prof. [email protected] 03336712786 PhD Microbiology and Biology Systems Microbial Ecology Active
39. Hussain Mustatab Wahedi Assoc. Prof. [email protected] 033353335690 PhD Regenerative Medicine Regenerative Medicine Active
1 Siham Sikander Associate Professor [email protected] 0345-5882940 PhD Psychiatry Active
2 Gulnaz Zahid Assistant Professor [email protected] 0323-9513991 PhD Dissertation in Education Education Active
3 Saeeda Khanum Assistant Professor [email protected] 3335749774 PhD Cognitive Psychology Active
4 Aamna Saleem Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0323-5144966 PhD Education   Active
1 Suhail Akhtar Defence Employee [email protected] 0333-5595466       Active
2 Ajmal Naeem Defence Employee [email protected] 0323-9221800 PhD Maths   Active
3 Mesam Abbas Defence Employee   0321-8412552 PhD Aerospace Engg   Active
4 Faisal Siddiqui Defence Employee   0320-8588150 PhD Structures   Active
5 Ali Javed Defence Employee   0324-4214072 PhD Aerospace Engg   Active
6 Nauman Javed Defence Employee [email protected] 0307-0508996 PhD Elect  and  Computer Engg   Active
7 Waqas Ahmad Defence Employee           Active
8 Aun Haider Defence Employee           Active
9 Asif Mahmood Zahid Defence Employee           Active
10 Liaqat Ullah Iqbal Defence Employee           Active
11 Jawad Ahmad Khan Defence Employee           Active
12 Syed Qasim Zaheer Defence Employee           Active
13 Zaheer -Ud-Din Babar Defence Employee           Active
14 Irfan Aziz Defence Employee           Active
15 Hassan Tarar Defence Employee           Active
16 Syed Hassan Raza Defence Employee           Active
17 Muhammad Irsalan Arif Defence Employee           Active
18 Muhammad Amjad Aziz Defence Employee           Active
19 Muhammad Ajmal Khan Defence Employee           Active
20 Khurram Mahmud Defence Employee           Active
21 Ahnaf Hannan Lodhi Defence Employee           Active
22 Zaheer -Ud-Din Babar Defence Employee           Active
23 Khawar Sultan Defence Employee           Active
24 Zaheer -Ud-Din Babar Defence Employee           Active
25 Tanveer Hussain Defence Employee           Active
26 Yazeed ul Hassan Afridi Defence Employee           Active
27 Iqbal Rasool Memon Defence Employee           Active
28 Zeeshan Akhtar Defence Employee           Active
29 Rameez Wajid Mian Defence Employee           Active
30 Muhammad Abdullah Farooq Defence Employee           Active
31 Yasir Arafat Defence Employee           Active
32 Mahhad Nayyer Defence Employee           Active
33 Muhammad Zeshan Defence Employee           Active
34 Zahoor Akhter Butt Defence Employee           Active
35 Mujahid Anwar Defence Employee           Active
36 Kamran Asim Defence Employee     PhD Aerospace Engg Solid Mechanics & Structure Active
37 Nadeem Shafi Defence Employee     PhD Aerospace Engg Mechanics Active
38 Ehsan Elahi Defence Employee     PhD Maths Mathematical Biology Active
39 Wg Cdr Azhar Hassan Defence Employee     PhD     Active
40 Dr Syed Irteza Ali Khan Defence Employee     PhD     Active
41 Flt Lt Dr Muhammad Shoaib Arif Defence Employee     PhD     Active
42 Zafar Mahmood Defence Employee     PhD Electromagnatic Applied Electromagnetic & Control Active
43 Manzar Abbas Defence Employee     PhD Elec Engg   Active
44 Shoaib Salamat Defence Employee     PhD Elec Engg Microelectronics Active
45 Syed Irtiza Ali Shah Defence Employee     PhD Aerospace Engg   Active
46 Baber Saeed Defence Employee     PhD Material Engg   Active
1 Muhammad Bilal Khan Professor [email protected] PhD Polymer Engineering Polymer Engg Active
2 Zuhair Subhani Khan Associate Professor [email protected] 0345-7261726 PhD Adv Energy Materials   Active
3 Kashif Imran Assistant Professor ki4kashifimran@gmailcom 0323-1489147 PhD Electrical Engineering – Power Power System Active
4 Muhammad Bilal Sajid Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-9989991 PhD Mechanical Engineering Combustion Active
5 Mr Adeel Javed Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Gas Turbine Engineering Micro Gas Turbine Design & Performance Active
6 Muhammad Aamir Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-55318878 PhD Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Active
7 Kafait Ullah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-4433147 PhD Energy Economics  and  Governance Energy Ecomnomics  and  Governance Active
8 Hassan Abdullah Khan Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Electrical Power Engineering Power Electronics Active
9 Naseem Iqbal Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5363661 PhD Chemistry   Active
10 Majid Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-1536040 PhD Nuclear Energy Sci and Technology   Active
11 Muhammad Zubair Assistant Professor [email protected] 0332-6210775 PhD Process and Equipment Design   Active
12 Gulab Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0312-15100995 PhD Educationl Theory and Policy Educationl Theory and Policy Active
13 Nadia Shahzad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0313-6965143, 0321-6965143 PhD Physics Physics Active
14 Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5222149 PhD Power Electronics Control Design Power Electronics Control Design, Renweable Energy System Active
15 Rabia Liaquat Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-5678124 PhD Biotechnology   Active
16 Muhammad Abdullah Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0320-8816936 PhD Inorganic Chemistry Semiconductor photocatalysis, Solar Fuels Active
17 Adeel Waqas Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-7378390 PhD Energy Technology   Leave
18 Dr Irfan Ahmad Gondal Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 0333-5398944 PhD Mechanivcal Engineering Optimization of Renewable Energy Resources Active
19 Muhammad Rizwan Saleem Adjunct Faculty [email protected],   PhD Materials  and  Surface Engineering   Active
[email protected]
1 Tughral Yamin Associate Professor [email protected] 0323-8556824 PhD Defence &Strategic Studies   Active
2 Bakare Najimdeen Ayoola Assistant Professor [email protected] 3335297915 PhD Politics & International Relations Active
3 Ahmed Waqas Waheed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5574934 PhD International Relations IR Active
4 Muhammad Makki Assistant Professor [email protected] 452633824 PhD Sociology, Human Geography, Social Indentity Sociology, Human Geography Active
5 Zahid Shahab Ahmed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5547253 PhD Political & International Studies   Leave
6 Mumtaz Zia Saleem Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] 0322-2148911 PhD International Relations IR Active
7 Muhammad Akram Sheikh Professor   0300-9899123 PhD Engineering Structrual Engg Active
College of E&ME                
1 Mojeeb Bin Ihsan Professor [email protected] 0300-5262336 PhD Electrical Engg Electrical Engg Active
2 Nazar Abbas Saqib Associate Professor [email protected] 0344-5173619 PhD Electrical Engineering Info Security,Reconfigurable Computing Active
3 Shahzad Amin Sheikh Associate Professor [email protected] 3215059597 PhD Digital Signal Processing Wireless Comm Active
4 Muhammad Usman Akram Assistant Professor [email protected] 3336913921 PhD Computer Engg   Active
5 Umar Shahbaz Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 3005533775 PhD Electrical Engg and Electronics Ground Penetrating RadarData Processing Active
6 Mohsin Islam Tiwana Assistant Professor [email protected] 0322-5132336 PhD Biomedical Engg   Active
7 Fahad Mumtaz Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5891417 PhD Electrical Engineering Control Systems Active
8 Saad Rehman Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-8527037 PhD Image Processing Computer System Engg Active
9 Arsalan Shaukat Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-8526631 PhD Computer Science   Active
10 Muhammad Mubasher Saleem Assistant Professor [email protected] 3336333734 PhD Mechanics/ Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Mechanics Active
11 Dr Tasweer Hussain Shah Assistant Professor [email protected] 3455123665 PhD Management Sciences Management Sciences/Marketing Active
12 Saif Ullah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-5223773 PhD Physics Nano-Physics Active
13 Farhan Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-9140653 PhD Electronics  and  Computer Engg Electronics  and  Computer Engg Active
14 Ali Hassan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0314-5222888 PhD Electronics and Electrical Eng Speech Processing and Macine Learning Active
15 Sajid Ullah Butt Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5113006 PhD Fixture Design Mechanical Engg Active
16 Usman Qamar Assistant Professor [email protected] 0323-5577710 PhD Qutiler Delection/Feature Selection Computer System Engg Active
17 Javaid Iqbal Defence Employee [email protected] 0300-5107045 PhD Mechanical Engineering Robotics & Computing Active
18 Dr Khalid Mehmood Defence Employee     PhD     Active
19 Nauman Ahmad Defence Employee           Active
20 Dr Tahir Nawaz Defence Employee     PhD     Active
21 Syed M Tahir Zaidi Defence Employee     PhD Electrical Engineering Digital Signal Processing Active
​22 ​ Imran Akhtar ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0300-9564253 ​PhD ​Mechanical Engineering ​(Computational Mechanics) ​Active
​23 ​Shoab A Khan ​Professor [email protected] ​0321-8568714 ​PhD ​Computer Engineering ​Signal processing, Digital Design and Networks ​Active
​24 ​Farhan Riaz ​Asst Professor [email protected] ​0331-8548301 ​PhD ​Computer Engineering ​Biomedical Signal Processing ​Active
​25 ​Faheem Qaiser Jamal ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0321-5181305 ​PhD ​Engineering Management ​Engineering Management ​Active
1 Shahid Iqbal Defence Employee   0300-9812500 PhD Civil Engg Structural Engg Active
2 Muhammad Shahid Siddique Assistant Professor [email protected] 0332-0629587 PhD Civil Engg Civil Engg Active
3 Inam Ullah Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0308-8493676 PhD Bridge  and  Tunnels Engg Transportation Engg Active
4 Arshad Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 0313-7142741 PhD Civil Engg   Active
5 Faisal Yousafzai Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-9583336 PhD Mathematics Mathematics Active
6 Muhammad Bilal Khurshid Defence Employee [email protected] 0321-5003917 PhD Transportation Engg   Active
7 Sadaf Saeed Defence Employee           Active
8 Abdul Qadir Arshad Defence Employee           Active
9 Fawad Akram Defence Employee           Active
10 Irfan Zafar Defence Employee           Active
11 Muhammad Ahmad Defence Employee           Active
12 Zulfiqar Ali Shah Defence Employee           Active
13 Yousaf Jamal Khan Defence Employee           Active
14 Muhammad Jawed Iqbal Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engg Transportation Engg Active
15 Sarfraz Ahmed Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engg Transportation Engg Active
16 Muhammad Rizwan Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engg Structural Engg Active
17 Syed Hassan Farooq Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engg Structural Engg Active
18 Dr Muhammad Maqbool Sadiq Awan Defence Employee     PhD     Active
19 Dr Naeem Shahzad Defence Employee     PhD     Active
20 Dr Mazhar Iqbal Arshad Defence Employee     PhD     Active
21 Muhammad Irfan Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engineering Tn Engg/Pavement Management System Active
22 Salah Ud Din Azad Defence Employee           Active
1 Farooq Ahmed Bhatti Associate Professor [email protected] 0333-51777375 PhD Physics/ Physics/Microwave Active
2 Saeed Murtaza Associate Professor [email protected] 3335142654 PhD Physics   Active
3 Abdul Wakeel Assistant Professor [email protected] 0340-1932554 PhD Electrical Engg Wireless/Wire-line Communications Active
4 Muhammad Imran Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5493465 PhD Control Systems Communication and Signal Processing Control System Active
5 Hammad Afzal Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-8507435 PhD Informatics Natural Langage Processing Active
6 Naima Iltaf Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5565221 PhD Software Engg   Active
7 Safia Akram Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Mathematics Fluid Mechanics Active
8 Dr Tauseef Ahmad Rana Assistant Professor     PhD Component-Based Development Information System Engg Active
9 Yasir Umair Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-9803001 PhD Wirless Communication Indoo Positioning Active
10 Attiq Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5017066 PhD Electrical (Telecomm) Engg Electrical (Telecomm) Engg Active
11 Rabia Latif Assistant Professor [email protected] 0315-9508099 PhD InformationSecurity Info Security Active
12 Haider Abbas Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-9634911 PhD IT Security Management IT Security Leave
13 Ahmed Muqeem Sheri Assistant Professor     PhD Machine Learning/Computer Science Computer Science Leave
14 Muhammad Zaki Murtaza Assistant Professor [email protected] NA PhD Computer Science Compiler Optimization Technique Leave
15 Arif Raza Assistant Professor [email protected]., [email protected] 0301-8128649 PhD Electrical and Computer Enng Electrical & Computer Engg Leave
16 Adnan Rashdi Defence Employee     PhD Communication Systems Multi User Communication Systems Active
17 Abdul Rauf Defence Employee     PhD Electrical Engineering Electrical / Telecommunication Engg Active
18 Naveed Iqbal Defence Employee     PhD Cptr Science Computer Vision Active
19 Adil Masood Sadiqui Defence Employee     PhD Elec Engg Image & Signal Processing Active
20 Dr Adnan Ahmad Khan Defence Employee     PhD Computer Engg Cptr Engg Active
21 Imran Rashid Defence Employee     PhD Electrical Engineering Electrical / Telecommunication Engg Active
22 Abdul Ghafoor Defence Employee     PhD Control Systems Freq Weighted Model Redcution Control Systems Active
​23 ​Hasnat Khurshid [email protected] ​0321-8580900 ​PhD ​Electrical Engineering Active
​24 ​Ayesha Maqbool ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0305-5554802 ​PhD ​Automatic Control and Sys Engg ​Automatic Control and Sys Engg ​Active
25 ​Aleena Mirza ​Asst Prof [email protected] ​0332-5139834 ​PhD ​Digital Signals Processing / Communication ​Active
​26 ​Ashraf Masood ​Professor [email protected] ​0307-5558694 ​PhD ​Information Security ​Active
​27 ​Baber Aslam ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0347-4688829 ​PhD ​Information Security ​Active
​28 ​Muhammad Faisal Amjad [email protected] ​0320-4740157 ​PhD ​Computer Science ​Active
1 Naukhez Sarwar Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] 3005197286 PhD Business Administration HRM Active
2 Asfia Obaid Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD HRM   Active
3 Muhammad Moazzam Assistant Professor [email protected] 0347-0424001 PhD Logistics  and  Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Active
4 Waseem Hassan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-7321081 PhD management Sciences/Marketing Marketing Active
5 Fareesa Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-3433325 PhD Business and Management Business and Management Active
6 Ateeq ur Rehman Irshad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5200899 PhD Ecomometrics Comparision of Parametric and Non-Parametric approaches to Measure Performance Active
7 Mian Rehman Uddin Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-9777621 PhD Finance Corporate Finance Active
8 Lubaba Sadaf Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5923063 PhD Sociology/Social Authropology Migration, Gender and violence, Qualitative Active
9 Zujaja Wahaj Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-5185606 PhD Sociology and Social Authropology Social Anthropology, Ethnographic methods, Gender and health South Asia, Gender and HIV/AIDS Active
10 Sarah Shafiq Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5190605 PhD Computing and Information Systems Comp & Info System Active
11 Imtiaz Badshah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0304-9422134 PhD Finalcial Accounting Mangerial Accounting and Gov Goverance, Performance evaluation Active
12 Muhammad Umair Ashraf Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] 0333-8503700 PhD Fellow member of ICAP, Pakistan Chartered Accounted Active
​13 ​M. Naseer Akhtar ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0348-1206478 ​PhD ​HRM ​Active
​14 ​Nabeel Safdar ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0331-4784479 ​PhD ​Finance ​Active
​15 ​ Ghufran Ahmed ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0322-5001940 ​PhD ​Economic ​Active
​16 ​Zahid Irshad Younis ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0332-8745479 ​PhD ​Finance ​Active
​17 ​M. Suhail Rizwan ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0345-7225154 ​PhD ​Finance ​Active
​18 ​Adeel Ahmed ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​0333-9030325 ​PhD ​Finance ​Active
1 Shakeel Ahmed Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] 0300-5403431 PhD Arts Arts Active
1 Sajid Saleem Defence Employee [email protected] 03323603621 PhD Electronics Engg Nanotechnology Active
2 Arshad Aziz Professor [email protected] 03332228300 PhD Elect Engg-Info Security Information Security Active
3 Hanzala Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-2090843 PhD Software Engg   Active
4 Bilal Muhammad Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 3322242701 PhD Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Network Active
5 Naeem Abbas Assistant Professor [email protected] 0347-9030440 PhD Informatics Informtics Active
6 Dur-e-Shahwar Kundi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-2297022 PhD Electrical Engg ElectircalEngg Active
7 Salman Nisar Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-2758226 PhD Mechanical Laser Processing of Materials Active
8 Syed Aqueel shah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-8131490 PhD Industrial & Manufacturing Engg Non-Traditional Machining (WEDM) Active
9 Khawaja Bilal Ahmed Mehmood Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-3650500 PhD Elect & Electronics Engg Optical Communication Leave
10 Akbar Ali Defence Employee     PhD Management Public Administration/HRM Active
11 Tariq Mairaj Rasool Defence Employee [email protected] 03322958623 PhD Electrical Engineering NDT Active
12  Ataullah Memon Defence Employee [email protected] 03002170771 PhD Elec Engg Non Linear Control Active
13 Asif Mansoor Defence Employee [email protected] 03012990882 PhD Mathematics Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Probability & Statistics,
Predictive Models & Optimization, Simulation & Modelling
14 Sajjad Haider Zaidi Defence Employee [email protected] 03213888853 PhD Elec Engg Electrical Machine Active
15 Capt Dr. Hammad Raza Defence Employee [email protected] 3201786716 PhD Electrical Engg Computer Vision Pattern Recognition Active
16 Cdr Dr.Aleem Mushtaq Defence Employee [email protected] 3451227543 PhD Electrical Engg Signal Processing Machine Learning Active
17 Lt Cdr Adeel Yousaf Defence Employee   3313555167 PhD     Active
​18 ​ Syed Nazir Alam ​Assistant Professor [email protected] 0346-2457974​ ​PhD ​Electrical Engg ​Wireless Communication/ ​Active
lonospheric Communication
Control System
​19 ​ Khurram Kamal ​Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-3309916​ ​PhD ​Mechatronics / Mechanical Engg ​Machine vision, Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning, embedded information devices,
health monitoring, UAVs, Robotics, intelligent energy systems
intelligent transportation systems
 information devices sustainability
​20 ​Tahir Abdul Hussain Ratlamwala ​Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-2216721,0313-2446780​ ​PhD ​Mechanical Engg ​Renewable energy / absorption cooling-heating Energy ​Active
Recovery through Machining Processes
​21 ​Asim Khwaja ​Assistant Professor [email protected] 0320-4145662​ ​PhD ​Electrical Engg ​Computer Vision ​Active
22 Cdre Dr. M Saeed Khalid SI(M) Defence Employee [email protected] 033362223338 PhD Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Sea-keeping & Hydrodynamics Active
23 Cdre Dr. Nazeer Malik Defence Employee [email protected] 03134943000 PhD Cyber Security Forensics Active
24 Cdr Dr. Zeeshan Riaz PN Defence Employee [email protected] 03335204555 PhD Mechanical Engineering Naval Architecture Active
25 Dr. Asad Ali Zadi Assistant Professor [email protected] 03333561095 PhD Mechanical Engineering Renewable Energy (Biogas, Biodiesel, Waste Management, Bio Energy) Active
26 Dr. Gul I Hina Aslam Assistant Professor [email protected] 03348511061 PhD Mathematics Pure Mathematics, Inequalities, Applied Analysis Active
27 Dr. Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor [email protected] 03113359959 PhD Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Characterization of 3D printed Nano Composites, Reinforced concrete
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) 3D printed material, frequency domain
28 Dr. Abbas Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 03318348549 PhD Mechanical Engineering Mechanics and Dynamics of Machining Processes, Advanced Manufacturing,
Residual stresses and Distortion in Machined Parts, Modeling of Micro Machining Operations,
Machine Tool Design Surface Integrity
29 Dr. Lubna Moin Assistant Professor [email protected] 03223790984 PhD Electrical Engineering Controls Active
30 Dr. Antash Najib Assistant Professor [email protected] 03363063252 PhD Mechanical Engineering Grean builidngs, HVAC, Energy Active
31 Lt Cdr Dr. Gul Shahzad Defence Employee [email protected] 03351771779 PhD Electronics & Communication Wireless Optical Fiber Communication Active
1 Adnan Maqsood Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Aerospace Engg Aerospace Engg/Flight Mechanics Active
2 Zamir Hussain Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Statistics Analysis of Extreme Events Active
3 Ishrat Jabeen Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Medicinal Chemistry Drug Design Active
4 Fouzia Perveen Malik Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Physical Chemistry Chemistry Active
5 Rehan Zafar Paracha Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Virology  and Immunology Immunology Active
6 Zartasha Mustansar Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Biomedical Engineering Image based modeling Active
7 Salma Sherbaz Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Fluid Mechanics CFD Simulation Active
8 Mian Ilyas Ahmad Associate Professor [email protected]   PhD Control Engineering Control Systems Active
9 Shahzad Rasool Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computer Engineering Haptic Interation, Virtual Reality, Medical Simulation Active
10 Uzma Habib Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Chemistry Biochemistry Active
11 Ammar Mushtaq Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Science &Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Active
12 Junaid Ahmad Khan Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Science &Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Active
13 Mehak Rafiq Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Biology Cancer Genetics Active
14 Dr Tariq Saeed Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Science &Engineering Machine learning Active
15 Dr Israr ud Din Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Mechanical Engineering Composites Active
16 Dr Absaar Ul Jabbar Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Simulation Active
1 Ashfaque Hasan Khan Professor [email protected] 0300-5000076 PhD Economics Macro/Monetray Economics Active
2 Ather Maqsood Ahmed Professor [email protected] PhD Economics   Active
3 Syed Rifaat Hussain Professor [email protected] 0300-5246646 PhD International Studies International Politics Active
4 Salma Parveen Siddiqui Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-6821929 PhD Clinical Psychology   Active
5 Zafar Mahmood Professor [email protected] 0300-5542525 PhD Economics International Eco Active
6 Ume Laila Assistant Professor [email protected] 0332-9837967 PhD Finance and Development Economics Finance and Development Active
7 Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5493465 PhD Finance Financial Economics Active
8 Sumbal Nawaz Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5036781 PhD Development Psychology Development Psychology Active
9 Muhammad Zahid Siddique Assistant Professor [email protected] 0301-2407360 PhD Economics Active
10 Sehar-un-Nisa Hassan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-2412713 PhD Psychology/Gender and Mental Health   Active
11 Umer Khayyam Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Political Science Political Science Active
12 Najma Sadiq Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Communication Studies   Active
13 Samina Naveed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5687369 PhD Macroecnomics, International Eco International Economics Active
14 Iftikhar Hussain Adil Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-6737209 PhD Economics   Active
15 Verda Salman Assistant Professor [email protected] 3336144702 PhD Economics HRD/Macro Economics Active
16 Faisal Jamil Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-7416577 PhD Economics Energy Economics Engg Active
17 Tamkeen Ashraf Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0323-5320767 PhD Child Psychopathology Psychology Leave
18 Tanweer ul Islam Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-4273878 PhD Ecomometrics Leave
19 Nighat Parveen Gilani Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] 0308-5924442 PhD Psychology Psychology Active
1 Anita Kapadia Associate Professor [email protected] 3333889952 PhD Architectural & Urban Design Architecture & Urban Design Active
1 Tariq Mahmood Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] PhD CE Transportation Engg Transportation Engg Active
2 Syed Muhammad Jamil Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] PhD Civil Geotech Civil Geotech Active
3 Anwaar Ahmed Defence Employee     PhD Tunneling Engineering   Active
1 Imran Hashmi Professor [email protected] 0345-5255428 PhD Environmental Science   Active
2 Muhammad Faheem Khokhar Associate Professor [email protected] 0341-8422377 PhD Physics Atmospheric Chemistry, Remote Sensing Techniques, Retrieval Algorithm and data analysis Active
3 Sher Jamal Khan Associate Professor [email protected] 0344-9167770 PhD Envir Engg Water Resources & Env Engg Active
4 Muhammad Arshad Associate Professor [email protected] 0301-3969414 PhD Environmetal Biotechnology   Active
5 Muhammad Zeeshan Ali Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0337-9724923 PhD Env Engg and Management Satellite Remote sensing of Air Pollutants in general and particulate matter and its composition in pat, MODIS, MISR, Lidar Data Active
6 Sofia Baig Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-8325082 PhD Biological Sciences/Plant Eco-physiology Biological Sciences/Plant Eco-physiology Active
7 Deedar Nabi Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854268 PhD Environmental Sciences Physical Sciences Environmental Monitoring, Modeling and Treatment
8  Waqas Qamar Zaman Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854356 PhD Environmental Engineering Engineering & Technology Environmental Catalysis
9 Hira Amjad Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854312 PhD Environmental Engineering In Process Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Management
10 Ali Inam Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854303 PhD Environmental Engineering In Process Water and Wastewater Treatment
11 Musharib Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854270 PhD Environmental Engineering In Process Water and Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Nanotechnology, Solid Waste Management
12 Zeshan Sheikh Assistant Professor [email protected] +925190854360 PhD Environmental Engineering and Management Engineering & Technology Energy and Env Engg (Bio Energy)
1 Ejaz Hussain Defence Employee [email protected] 0323-8557770 PhD Remote Sensing Active
2 Javed Iqbal Associate Professor [email protected] 3005980429 PhD Soil Spatial Variability, Crop Modeling, GIS, Remote Sensing   Active
3 Muhammad Ali Tahir Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Geoinformatics   Active
4 Muhammad Azmat Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-6636001 PhD Water Resources Engg Hydrology Active
5 Salman Atif Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-2426647 PhD Geography and Environment   Active
1 Hamza Farooq Gabriel Professor [email protected] -0322-4590247, 0300-4009168 PhD Water Resources Management/Applied Hydrology   Active
2 Sajjad Haider Associate Professor [email protected] PhD Hydraulic Engineering   Active
3 Rao Arsalan Khushnood Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-4275580 PhD Structural Engg Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Active
4 Muhammad Usman Lecturer [email protected] 0301-8766558 PhD Civil Engg Civil Engg Active
5 Wasim Khaliq Defence Employee     PhD Civil Engineering   Active
​6 ​S Muhammad Jamil ​Dean SCEE [email protected] ​0333-5201578 ​PhD ​Civil Engineering ​Geotech Engg ​Active
​7 ​Syed Hassan Farooq [email protected] ​0306-4004945 ​PhD​ ​Civil Engineering ​Structural Engineering ​Active
8 Muhammad Usman Assistant Professor [email protected] 03378652748 PhD PhD Structural Engineering active
9 Dr Fawad Najam Assistant Professor [email protected] 03345192533 PhD PhD Structural Engineering active
10 Dr. Muhammad Shahid Assistant Professor [email protected] 03337429404 PhD PhD Hydraulic Engg Hydraulic Engg active
11. Dr Badee Alshameri Regular Visiting Faculty  [email protected]

[email protected]

 03188660243 PhD Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Active
1 Abdul Waheed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-9473779 PhD Regional & Rural Dev Planning   Active
2 Muhammad Jamaluddin Thaheem Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-3214106 PhD Project Mgmt, Project Risk Mgmt, Construction Mgmt   Active
3 Malik Asghar Naeem Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-4730893 PhD Urban Planning   Active
4 Kamran Ahmed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0301-5630831 PhD Transporation Engg Traffic Modeling and Simulation Active
5 Arshad Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 0341-9756251 PhD Road and Railway Engg Road & Railway Engg Active
6 Dr Muhammad Jawed Iqbal Defence Employee [email protected] 0300-2393023 PhD Transportation Engg Traffic Engg Active
7 ​Muhammad Sohail  Anwar Malik ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​3247046838 ​PhD ​Civil Engineering ​Engg Management ​Active
​8 ​Abdur Rehman Nasir ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​3333166876 ​PhD ​Civil Engineering ​Const Engg & Management ​Active
​9 ​Ifran Ahmad Rana ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​3218893313 ​PhD ​Urban & Regional Planning ​Regional Development Planning / Disaster Management ​Active
1 Zakir Hussain Professor [email protected] 0308-7776222 PhD Materials Sci/Orfanic Chem Materials Sci/Organic Chem Active
2 Nasir Mahmood Ahmad Professor [email protected] 0333-4109990 PhD polymer Science and Tec Sch of Materials, Poymer Science & technology Active
3 Muhammad Shahid Professor [email protected] 0300-4193453 PhD Metallurgy and Material Engineering Corrosion and Protection Active
4 Iftikhar Hussain Gul Associate Professor [email protected] 3335766392 PhD Material Sciences Material Science/ Active
Polymer Nanocomposites Materials
5 Malik Adeel Umer Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5040103 PhD Materials Sci and Engg Fabrication of Metal Matrix Composites Using ceramic particulate, Materials Engg Active
6 Tayyaba Noor Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5363661 PhD Materials and Catalysis Sorption enhanced high tem water gas shift reaction: materials and Catalysis Active
7 Sofia Javed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5561974 PhD Materials and Surface Engg Materials ENgg Active
8 Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0316-19053328 PhD Product technology Dying technology, Paticle technology, Materials Engg Active
9 Erum Pervaiz Assistant Professor [email protected] 0303-4255005 PhD Materials Engg Nanotecnology, Materials used for application high frequancy and electromaghnetic absorbing devices Active
10 Khurram Yaqoob Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5822388 PhD Matallurgy and Materials Science Metallurgy & Materials Science Active
11 Iftikhar Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0342-9190786 PhD Chemical Engg Process System Engg (Chem Engg) Active
12 Mohammad Ali Mohammad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0306-5138176 PhD Electrical  and  Computer Engg Nanofabrication, Nanoscale Devices, Microelectromechanical Active
13 Usman Liaqat Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-7774471 PhD Biomaterials and Tissue Regeneration Biomaterials and Tissue Regeneration Active
14 Muhammad Ahsan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-6057937 PhD Energetic Materials Engineering Energetic Materials Engineering Active
15 Sarah Farrukh Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-54474110 PhD Energetic Materials Engg Materials Engg Active
16 Abdul Qadeer Malik Consultant [email protected] PhD Physical Chemistry Kinetics , Mass spectroscopy Active
​17 ​Muhammad Aftab Akram ​Assistant Professor [email protected] ​03214737036 ​PhD ​Materials and Surface Engineering ​Nano Materials, Energy Storage/ Conversion ​Active
18 Zeeshan Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 03180522780 PhD Material Science Energy Storage(Lithium ion batteries/Sodium ion Batteries. Nano Materials) Active
19 Dr. Amir Azam Khan Professor [email protected] 0320-0555580 PHD Materials Engineering Ceramics,Surface Coatings, Composites, Plasma Spraying Active
20 Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Irfan Assistant Professor [email protected]  0321-4737085 PhD Doctorate of Engineering Material Science and Engineering Active
21 Dr. Salman Raza Naqvi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-3754488 PhD Chemical Engineering Biomass to Biofuels, Biochar, catalysis Active
22 Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Butt Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-7727164 PhD Material Science and Engineering Bio-material and their application Active
23 Dr. Mohsin Saleem Assistant Professor [email protected] 0322-6018966 PHD Material Science and Engineering Electro Functionality Material Engineering Active
24 Dr. Amna Safdar Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-2558224 PhD Physics Optoelectrical characterization techniques, Random laser Devices, Solar cell Devices Active
1 Syed Muhammad Hasan Zaidi Regular Visiting Faculty drzaidi@[email protected] PhD Computer Simulation of High Speed Communication Networks Digital Communication Active
2 Muhammad Moazam Fraz Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5181481 PhD Computer Science Medical Image Analysis Active
3 Khawar Khurshid Assistant Professor [email protected] 3333606789 PhD Electrical Engineering Electrical Engg Active
4 Faisal Shafait Associate Professor [email protected] 0333-0544462 PhD Image Processing   Active
5 Arsalan Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5375421 PhD Electronic &Communication Engg Energy efficiency in telecommunication networks, genetic algorithms, switching node architectures Active
6 Hassan Aqeel Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 572625005 PhD Electrical Engineering Elect Engg Active
7 Asad Waqar Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5916690 PhD Parallel and Distributed Simulations Parallel and Dist Simulations Active
8 Seemab Latif Assistant Professor [email protected] 0323-5678010 PhD Computational Linguistics & Text Mining Computer Science/Computation Linguistics & Text Miing Active
9 Muhammad Zeeshan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-6780056 PhD Information Technology Wireless Networks Active
10 Syed Ali Hassan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5892041 PhD Elec Engg Ecectrical Engg Active
11 Syed Taha Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 021-34529536 PhD Electrical Engineering Computer Network, Network Security, Wireless Communications Active
12 Sajid Ali Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Mathematics Complex lie Symmetries for Differential Equations Active
13 Adnan Aslam Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-4536803 PhD Mathematics Symmetry methods for differential equations Active
14 Muhammad Imran Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0346-5316220 PhD Condensed Matter Physics Condensed Matter Physics Active
15 Naila Amir Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-5585969 PhD Mathematics Mathematical Physics Active
16 Qaiser Riaz Assistant Professor [email protected] 0344-5465805 PhD Computer Animation Human motion analysis and synthesis Active
17 Muhammad Wajahat Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 0310-5397811 PhD System Engineering  and  Computer Science Robotics Active
18 Usman Younis Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-5015302 PhD Electronics & Electrical Engg Electrical Engg/Electronics Active
19 Fahd Ahmed Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5606030 PhD Electrical Engineering Cooperative, realy-aided and multi-hop communication systems/Cognitive radia systems and networks Active
20 Hassan Khaliq Qureshi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-9634441 PhD Infrastructure-less Wireless Network   Active
21 Ibrar Hussain Assistant Professor ibrar.hussain@seecs, 0334-5039452 PhD Gravitational Waves   Active
22 Saad Bin Qaisar Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Electrical Engineering   Active
23 Sajid Saleem Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-0044272 PhD Elec and Com Engg Signal Pcocessing for Comm, Detection & Estimation Adaptive Fitering Active
24 Iftikhar Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-4137499 PhD Robotic and Automation   Active
25 Omar Arif Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-9542666 PhD Computer Vision System and Controls   Active
26 Salman Abdul Ghafoor Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-9273964 PhD Radio Over Fiber System Radio Over Fiber Systems Active
27 Hina Munir Dutt Assistant Professor [email protected] 0303-5979229 PhD Mathematics Differential Equations Active
28 Rizwan Ahmad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0320-5072360 PhD Elec Engg/Wirless Networkless   Active
29 Quanita Kiran Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-2662155 PhD Fixed Point Theory Finding results that have applications in differentical Eqs. Control. Active
30 Hammad Iqbal Sherazi Assistant Professor [email protected] 0324-3353403 PhD Electronics Engg Electronic Engg Active
31 Awais Mehmood Kamboh Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-5093845 PhD Electrical Engineering Electrical Engg Active
32 Muhammad Muneeb Ullah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0331-8828091 PhD Computer Science   Active
33 Muhammad Shahzad Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Radar Remote Sensing Radar Remote Sensing Active
34 Safdar Abbas Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-5193823 PhD Wireless Sensor Network   Active
35 Muhammad Ali Tahir Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Computer Science Machine Learning/Speach Recognition Active
36 Usman Ilyas Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD Electrical Engineering Social Network Analysis Leave
37 Muhammad Sohail Iqbal Assistant Professor [email protected] 0336-5501539 PhD Robotics/Computer Science   Leave
39 Amir Ali Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5173595 PhD Electrical Engineering Signal Processing Leave
40 Zahid Anwar Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Comnputer Networks Security Computer Networks Security Leave
41 Adnan Khalid Kiani Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Network Comm Networks Comunications Leave
42 Adeel Naeem Baig Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-2929022 PhD Mobile/Wireless Networks Mobile /Wireless Networks Leave
43 Tauseef Tauqeer Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Microelectronics & Nanostructures   Leave
44 Muhammad Murtaza Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5384033 PhD Electrical Engineering Image Processing Leave
45 Anjum Naveed Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Wireless Networks Leave
46 Farid Gul Regular Visiting Faculty [email protected] PhD Navigation Precision Instrument and Machinery Active
47 Salman Ghafoor Associate Professor [email protected] 925190852560 PhD Electrical Engineering Optical Communications Active
48 Dr Usman Zabit Professor [email protected] 3215644630 PhD Electrical Engineering Digital Systems and Signal Processing Active
49 Zubair Rehman Assistant Professor [email protected] 5190852128 PhD Electrical Engineering Power, Power Electronics Active
50 Kamran Zeb Assistant Professor [email protected] 3349008737 PhD Electrical Engineering Power and Control Active
51 Muhammad Imran Assistant Professor [email protected] 923344921069 PhD Electrical and Electronic Engineering Computer Architecture and Digital System Design Active
52 Dr. Osman Hasan Associate Professor [email protected] 925190852001 PhD Electrical Engineering Formal Verification and Digital System Design Active
53 Mansoor Asif Assistant Professor [email protected] 923316269197 PhD Electrical Engineering Power Systems Active
54 Dr. Hassaan Khaliq Qureshi Associate Professor [email protected] 0092-51-90852115 PhD Electrical Engineering Infrastructre-less Wireless Networks, Cybe Physical Systems, IoTs and Blockchains Active
55 Ammar Hasan Associate Professor [email protected] 051-90852112 PhD Electrical Engineering Control Systems Active
56 Ahmad Salman Assistant Professor [email protected] 925190852559 PhD Computer Science Machine Learning Active
57 Rehan Ahmed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-1166997 PhD Electrical Engineering Embedded Systems, Digital Systems Design, Computer Architecture, FPGA Architectures, Digital IC Design Active
58 Dr Wajid Mumtaz Assistant Professor [email protected] 5190852138 PhD PhD in Electrical Engineering Neuro signal processing and machine learning Active
59 Dr Muhammad Latif Anjum Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-6732260 PhD Mechatronics Robotics, Machine Intelligence, Vision Active
60 Sajjad Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 051-9085 2109 PhD Electrical Engineering Wireless Communications Active
61 Shahzad Younis Associate Professor [email protected] 90852267 PhD Electrical Engineering Optimization for AI, Deep Learning, Signal Processing Active
62 Naumana Ayub Assistant Professor [email protected] 923335083342 PhD PhD in Communications Engineering Wireless Communication Active
63 Huma Ghafoor Assistant Professor [email protected] 051-9085-2104 PhD Electrical Engineering Communications and Networking Active
64 Dr. Hashir Moheed Kiani Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5492979 PhD Computer Science Machine Learning, Data Science Active
65 Dr Tahira Anwar Lashari Assistant Professor [email protected] 0307-4799817 PhD Technical and vocational Education Educational Psychology Active
66 Dr Sana Qadir Assistant Professor [email protected] 0313-4709269 PhD Engineering Information Security Active
67 Dr Mehdi Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 3458711936 PhD Computer Science Information Hiding Active
68 Dr. Pakeeza Akram Assistant Professor [email protected] 051-90852181 PhD Computer Science Machine Learning, Data Science, Bioinformatics Active
69 Dr. Anis Ur Rahman Assistant Professor [email protected] 0335-0806167 PhD Computer Science Computational Science, Intelligent Systems Active
70 Dr. Seema Jehan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0332-5039928 PhD Computer Science Model-based Software Testing Active
71 Hasan Ali Khattak Associate Professor [email protected] 3129128232 PhD. PhD Future Internet Architectures, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Internet of Things  
72 Dr. Rafia Mumtaz Assistant Professor [email protected] 3425563343 PhD Computer Science Remote Sensing and satellite image processing Active
73 Dr. Imran Malik Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-5225189 PhD Computer Science Machine Learning Active
74 Azizur Rahim Assistant Professor [email protected] 0313-9123444 PhD Computer Application Technology Computer Networks Active
75 M Khuram Shahzad Assistant Professor [email protected] 051-9085-2557 Ph.D. Computer Engineering Artificial Intelligence Active
1 Shahid Ikram Ullah Butt Associate Professor [email protected] 0307-4329009 PhD Advance Machining Technology Manufacturing Engg/ Industrial Engg active
2 Muhammad Nabeel Anwar Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Bioengineering & Bioelectronics Electrical Engg/Bioengineering &Bioelectronics On leave
3 Riaz Ahmed Mufti Professor [email protected] 0333-9703331 PhD Mechanical Engineering Mech Engg/Engine Tibiology active
4 Yasar Ayaz Professor [email protected] 3005543151 PhD Electrical Aerospace Engg Eectrical Engg-Robotics active
5 Khalid Akhtar Associate Professor [email protected] 0314-5292808 PhD Industrial Engg Management Industrial Engg & Managment active
6 Murtaza Najabat Ali Associate Professor [email protected] 0300-8552358 PhD Material Sciences Materials Sciences active
7 Adeeb Shahzad Assistant Professor [email protected] 0302-5928892 PhD Molecular Biology Life Science active
8 Syed Omer Gilani Associate Professor [email protected] 051-90856068 PhD Electrical and Computer Engg Elec & Cptr Engg active
9 Zaib Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-1739958 PhD Engineering/Computational Mechanics Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mesh Generation active
10 Hasan Sajid Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5125466 PhD Electrical Engg-Controls and Perception Controls and Perception active
11 Muhammad Sajid Assistant Professor [email protected] 0313-7763449 PhD Fluid Mechanics Unmerical simulation of bubble dynamics during nucleate boiling, CFD, Multiphase flow, heat transfer active
12 Nosheen Fatima Rana Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-5297762 PhD Molecular Microbiology active
13 Aamir Mubashar Professor [email protected] 0333-7612689 PhD Mechanical Engg Finite element modelling, solid mechanics, adhesive joints active
14 Muhammad Mushtaq Khan Associate Professor [email protected] 0321-5373916 PhD Papid/Additive Manuf Rapid/Additive Manufacturing active
15 Syed Husain Imran Jaffery Associate Professor [email protected] PhD Mechanical Engineering Indutrial Manufacturing (Tool Designing) active
16 Emad ud Din Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Mechanical IBM, CFD, DNS, FSI active
17 ​Mian Ashfaq Ali ​Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Mechanical active
1 Muhammad Umar Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-5877561 PhD Electrical Engg Antennas and Electromagnetics Active
2 Hammad Mehmood Cheema Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-85400222 PhD Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelegence Active
3 Nosherwan Shoaib Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-5490488 PhD Electronics  and  Electrical Measurments Electronics Measurments Engineering Active
4 Farooq Ahmad Tahir Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-6692822 PhD Microwave, Electromagntism and Optoelctronics RF and Microwave Active
5 Dr Muhammad Mustafa Tahseen Assistant Professor [email protected] 3015150033 PhD Electrical Engineering RF and Microwave Active
3 Aeysha Khalique Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Physics/Quantum Information   Active
5 Asghar Qadir Professor [email protected] #VALUE! PhD Maths Relativity Active
7 Qurat ul Ain Javed Assistant Professor [email protected] 0342-5159839 PhD Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Active
9 Muhammad Naeem Shahid Assistant Professor [email protected] 0345-5060203 PhD Low enegy QCD, Neutrino Physics Low Energy QCD, Neutrino Physics, Extensions of Higgs Sectors Active
10 Muhammad Ali Paracha Assistant Professor [email protected] PhD Physics High Engergy Physics Active
11 Syed Rizwan Hussain Assistant Professor [email protected] 0334-7538209 PhD Condensed Matter Physics Magnetic thin film, nanodevices, Piezoelectronics Active
15 Shahid Iqbal Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-8076991 PhD Qunatum Optics, Quantum Choas   Active
17 Muddasir Ali Shah Assistant Professor [email protected] 0321-5073502 PhD Linear Analysis of Waves Linear Analysis of Waves in Relativistic Active
20 Rizwan Khalid Assistant Professor [email protected]   PhD High Energy Physics (Theory)   Active
25 Azhar Mehmood Assistant Professor [email protected] 0333-2377057 PhD Phytochemistry   Active
27 Faheem Amin Assistant Professor [email protected] 0300-5006460 PhD Nano Physics Assembly of water-soluble colloidal nanoparticles for labeling and sensing Leave