What's On Conference to Shed Light on History, Economy, Development and Culture of Pakistan & Türkiye

Conference to Shed Light on History, Economy, Development and Culture of Pakistan & Türkiye


NUST and Ankara Center of Thought and Research (ADAM-ACTR) in Türkiyeare jointly organising an academic conference on economic cooperation and opportunities between Türkiye and Pakistan on June 25, 2022.
The main themes of the conference are the History of Türkiye-Pakistan relations; Economic, financial, commercial, and international cooperation opportunities; the Role of Islamic Economics and Finance on Development, and the Social and Cultural Relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

Join the enlightening session as attendees on June 25 at Jinnah Auditorium, CIPS, NUST Islamabad Campus.


Ankara Center of Thought and Research is a Turkish Think-Thank organization established with the aim of improving the quality of human capital and human resources as well as supporting sociocultural, academic and intellectual activities in Türkiyeand the neighboring countries. Major activities of ADAM include academic and policy research on wide areas of interest including economics, social, culture, education and other geopolitical and strategic topics. ADAM activities also include professional trainings, organize national and international conferences both in Türkiye and abroad. So far, the series of international conferences have been held in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Syria, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Kosovo, Crimea-Ukraine, Bulgaria, Ghana, Tanzania, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, and Uzbekistan.


Rationale of Conference

As known, in recent years Türkiye has increased its activity, both in its own geography, but also in the status of countries that are far from region but not developed economically. South-Asia is at the forefront of geographical areas where Türkiye has increased its activity outside the region.

For this reason, it is planned to organize an international conference in Pakistan with a serious Muslim population in order to determine the current economic situation in South Asia especially in Pakistan where Türkiye’s new foreign policy statement corresponds, to take lessons from history and to photograph the future vision with new economic cooperation possibilities.

The conference aims to deepen understanding of international cooperation and contribute to more effective economic agreements in practice. Moreover, we will confront the apparent lack of relevance of cooperation between two countries after years. Proposals will be made to resolve this deficiency. Besides, it is thought that this conference will be beneficial not only for economic cooperation but also for academic cooperation. The conference is structured and restricted around four main themes. The rationale for the themes is presented below.

Themes and Sub-themes

  1. History of Türkiye-Pakistan relations
  • Pakistan’s economy in history
  • Pakistan waqfs and Islamic finance-economics background
  • Economic developments in Pakistan in the 20th century
  1. Economic, financial, commercial, and international cooperation opportunities
  • Opportunities for cooperation for the Pakistan industry
  • The Role of FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) on Development and Growth
  • Opportunities for cooperation in finance sector, tourism etc.
  • Opportunities for cooperation in international relations
  1. The Role of Islamic Economics and Finance on Development
  • The past, today and future of the Islamic economy
  • Islamic banking and development
  • The role of Islamic finance at economic cooperation for developing countries
  1. The Social and Cultural Relations between Pakistan and Türkiye
  • The past, today and future of the relationship between two countries
  • Role of two countries for social development of Islamic world

Expected Results of Conference

After the papers and ideas discussed at the conclusion of the conference, a roadmap can be made for further steps towards regional and global relations. In the light of this roadmap, universities associated with ADAM-ACTR will have an important pool of resources at the academic dimension to produce policies that will trigger regional development and growth. The outputs of the conference are expected to be an important step in the emergence of both the existing cooperation and the new collaborations in the long run.

Papers and Publication Opportunities

Full papers will be distributed two months after to the conference. An international book is planned for the submitted articles. The goal of the conference is to stimulate and disseminate new research on economic cooperation between Türkiye and Pakistan.