Top Stories NUST transfers 2 more IPRs to the local industry taking the total to 58

NUST transfers 2 more IPRs to the local industry taking the total to 58

NUST has transferred 2 more IPRs to the local industry making the total number of IPRs licensed to 58. The IPRs were transferred to Wisdom Wheel Wireless Pvt Ltd, a tenant at National Science and Technology Park (NSTP). The licensing agreement was signed at NUST H-12 campus on September 9, 2021. Dr Rizwan Riaz, Pro Rector Research Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) and Vice President NSTP, and Mr Haider, CEO and Co-founder Wisdom Wheel Wireless Pvt Ltd, signed the licensing agreement in presence of the Dr Aamer Baqai, Dean, NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME). Technology is developed by Dr Ali Hassan and Dr Farhan Riaz, faculty of NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME).
The industry 4.0 Process Virtualization System allows manufacturing facilities and industrial installations to be able to effectively monitor and control certain parameters that are required in a particular process that is part of the industrial value chain. Currently, factories and industrial facilities such as oil and gas storage plants require a lot of wiring and integration of various control equipment such as PLCs and VFDs to work effectively. The system allows industrial facilities to greatly reduce their costs as now they will be able to virtualize their control systems and will be able to integrate new protocols simply by downloading the relevant software package onto the hardware. Secondly, costs related to increasing the number of I/O ports will be greatly reduced as system scalability becomes much easier since the user does not have to add I/O cards every time they wish to connect new equipment. They can simply connect a wireless sensor node to the base device that is to be controlled.