Tenders Auction Notice

Auction Notice


Auction Notice

  1. NUST College of EME offers the following unserviceable items for sale through open auction: –
S/No Nomenclature A/U Qty
a. PIC Lab-III with 18F4550, 20 MHZs MAX 232, MAX 485, DS 1307 with bat, 24C08 Nos 20
b. Microcontroller Training Kit Model: MDA – EMS51 Nos 6
c. Microcontroller Training Kit Model: 8051 Nos 6
d. Development Board (ZYBO) Nos 1
e. Accessories Kit for Development Board ·

4 GB Micro SD Card Micro USB Cable 5V 2.5A Switching Power Supply

Nos 1
f. Digital Multimeter, Amprobe Model: AP-530 Nos 2
g. Digital Multimeter Model No: 771 (SANWA JAPAN) Nos 1
h. DMM (Model:451) Nos 2
i. Digital Multimeter Nos 1
j. Variable DC Power Supply Model: GPR-3060D Good Will Nos 1
k. Gum Power Supply Nos 1
l. ST/6 CNC Lathe Training System Nos 1
m. Advance CNC Mill Training System (FG 0000) complete Nos 1
n. Input Module, 16 Point 24 VDC Source Nos 2
o. CE 102 Temperature Measure and Control Nos 1
p. CNC Milling Ackage 4 Axis Nos 1
q. PLC 930 Trainer Industrial control sensors & motor control Nos 1
r. Power Supply Nos 1
s. Simple Galvanometer No 2
t. Millikan oil droplet apparatus full experimental kit, Model 2438 No 4
u. Combined RLC (Accepter & Rejecter circuit) No 7
v. Characteristics of semiconductor diode apparatus, No 7
w. Thermionic Diode apparatus No 7


  1. Auction will be held in Department of Mechatronics Engineering, College of EME on 21 September 2023 at 1100 hrs
  2. Bidder should be in possession of original CNIC, otherwise he will not be able to participate in auction.
  3. Highest bidder will deposit 100% bid amount and collect items on the same day before 1600 hrs.
  4. NUST reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the bids without assigning any reason.

Contact Information

Contact Information
President Auction Board

Tel: 051-54444442