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National Conference on Security and Development

NUST School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H) hosted a one-day national conference on “Security and Development” on October 4, 2021. The conference underlined that security and development are no longer limited to the military alone; it also encompasses a broad range of developmental philosophies and strategies that are directly or indirectly influenced by traditional and non-traditional threats, including economic, political, societal and environmental. In addition, the conference highlighted that the concept of human security is very crucial to ascertaining as well as addressing threats to the well-being of individuals.
The main focus of the discussion was around the challenges of the 21st Century that are no longer limited to any single threat only. Hence, a state’s national security and developmental policies must cast their net wide, beyond simply relying on hard power means, to ensure national security. The conference concluded that the notion of national security in this day and age accounts not just for military security and proactive diplomacy but also economic, political, social, human, food, energy, and environmental security.
Sharing his thoughts at the opening ceremony, Pro-Rector Academics NUST Dr Osman Hasan underpinned the need to determine various dimensions of security that are detrimental to the overall development of a state. He also emphasised that in the current challenging environment, it is incumbent upon the states to consciously engage in national and global security initiatives with a wide range of security areas.
The closing ceremony was chaired by Inspector General Highways & Motorways Police, Dr Syed Kaleem Imam. In his remarks, he relayed his experiences and accentuated how police reforms are vital for national security. Apart from NUST students and faculty, students from various other universities participated in the conference.