Top Stories NUST- Coventry University UK establish Internet of Things (IoT)Lab – NCIL

NUST- Coventry University UK establish Internet of Things (IoT)Lab – NCIL

Professor Dr Rafia Mumtaz, a distinguished researcher and faculty from NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) proceeded on a two-week research visit to Coventry University, UK. Spanning from August 17-27, 2023, the visit provided an opportunity to foster strong educational and research connections between Coventry University, UK, and NUST.

The collaboration between the two holds great promise, as it aims to nurture higher education and research partnerships that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Both institutions share a vision to encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations, nurture innovation, promote internationalisation, and advance academic excellence. The visit was particularly significant in laying the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership that would serve as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and cross-cultural learning.

At the heart of this initiative lies the establishment of twin joint research labs. As an outcome of this initiative, both NUST and Coventry University have established one lab each at their respective premises “NUST- Coventry Internet of Things Lab (NCIL)”. This collaborative space is poised to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources, serving as a hub for groundbreaking research endeavors. Notably, this partnership extends beyond academic boundaries to empower students with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In Pakistan, Professor Dr Rafia Mumtaz holds the distinguished position as Director of the NCIL at NUST whereas Professor Dr Elena Gaura is the Director of NCIL lab at Coventry University, UK. Dr Gaura is also an adjunct faculty at SEECS. The experienced and dynamic leadership of the twin labs has created a shared vision for the future that is quickly transforming into reality.

It is pertinent to mention that three students of NCIL, SEECS have been offered fully funded PhD positions at Coventry University, UK. In addition, Professor Dr Rafia Mumtaz has also been appointed as an adjunct faculty position at Coventry University, UK.

This joint venture is not only a commitment to academic excellence but also a celebration of diversity and cultural exchange. By engaging students, faculty, and staff from both institutions, the partnership enriches the learning and research experience of collaborators by infusing a wide array of perspectives, cultures, experiences, and languages. This intercultural exposure and excess to each other’s research facilities is bound to further add value to the quality of education and research at both institutions.

Furthermore, the joint research and academics initiative amplifies the global visibility of both institutions. Collaborative research projects, training programs, and workshops will undoubtedly contribute to enhanced rankings and recognition. Faculty members will immensely benefit from the exposure to diverse learning environments, allowing them to refine their instructional methodologies and research practices through interactions with counterparts at Coventry University, UK.

As we embark on this collaborative venture, we hold a strong belief that our shared core values of collaboration and innovation will lead to remarkable outcomes in the future. By combining our unique perspectives and talents, we can engage in new ventures related to research and education with lasting impacts on respective societies and communities.