Research Excellence NUST Formula Student Team Successfully Clears Formula Quizzes Amid Harsh Competition

Formula Student is an international contest where countries from across the world compete against each other on an established platform which aims to develop enterprising and innovative young engineers and encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering.

The project usually forms part of a degree-level project and is viewed by the motorsport industry as the standard for engineering graduates to meet, transitioning them from university to the workplace. It is a kite-mark for real-world engineering experience, combining practical engineering experience with soft skills including business planning and project management. It also happens to be the primary target of our team, NUST Formula Student Team. The target which unites the entire team and brings the best out of every individual.

“We have been diligently preparing for the quiz,” said Abdul Rehman, Technical Lead of NUST Formula Student Team. “It’s not only a time to give your best at an assessment, but also a time for the whole team to sit and work together at a pivotal task.”

This year our team managed to clear the quizzes of FS Alpe Adria, FS Balkans, FS East, FS Netherlands, FS Poland, FS Portugal, FS Greece and FS France. A stunning amount of 8 quizzes!

“I now realize being a team lead isn’t just about paperwork,” ruminated Umer Arshad, Team Lead of NUST Formula Student Team. “It’s about being proud of the people you lead.”

But this won’t stop the hurdles our team has to face to eventually bring about a disruption in the current landscape of education in Pakistan. We realize there is a long way ahead of us; which is, unequivocally, matched by the determination and dedication of the members of our student society. We hope to eventually achieve a good position among the teams and give our best at such a prestigious event.