About Us Rector


I am indeed privileged to assume responsibility as Rector NUST. In a short span of 3 decades, the university has become a benchmark for other Pakistani Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It has done so through its commitment to academic excellence and market-driven curricula in tandem with an aggressive R&I portfolio and industry linkages. The university has a broad-based alumni network of 38000+ individuals either adding value to national and international corporates in sectors such as Software, Telecommunication, Power, Banking, infrastructure, etc., or pursuing further higher studies and research in some of the most renowned HEIs around the globe.

Being a proud alumnus of one of NUST’s long-established Colleges, I take pride in witnessing the university making quantum leaps in the realms of higher education and research. Today our knowledge ecosystem thrives upon intellectual prowess of our academicians and researchers supplemented by state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate fast-paced socio-economic development of the country. For instance, the implementation of Quadruple Helix Model has paved the way for initiatives such as establishment of Pakistan’s first Science & Technology Park – the NSTP – and the country’s first facility for indigenous production of heart stents and life-supporting medical devices, to name a few.

We at NUST recognise the value of internationalisation and the power of globalisation, and invest greatly in establishing international linkages that have proven critical to our growth. It is with this realisation that NUST has forged meaningful partnerships with as many as 170 universities from 35 countries, thus facilitating the exposure of its students and faculty through opportunities of exchange and collaboration.

Evolution of NUST into a comprehensive HEI offering undergraduate and graduate programmes in a myriad of disciplines, and its innumerable educational, research and social contributions, are a tribute to the commendable achievements of my predecessors. My sincere compliments to the people who have invested their time and intellect towards building the institution’s reputation as a research-oriented, entrepreneurial and engaged university that aims to serve the nation and humanity. As we feel pride for their achievements, it is the responsibility of the current and future generations of NUST to uphold this reputation and add to its values.

This year presented a renewed set of challenges for the academic world with the onset of COVID-19 and subsequent shift to Distance Learning. In a time of such disruption and uncertainty, it is the collective efforts of NUST fraternity – its students, faculty, administration and auxiliary staff – that have allowed the university to preserve its commitment to quality education and deliver on its promise of excellence even during the pandemic.

As I step into my role as the Rector of this prestigious institution constituted of academically competent, culturally enlightened, technologically equipped and socially responsible individuals, I hereby invite students, academics and educators alike to vie for a place at NUST and play their part for the society at large.

Engr Javed Mahmood Bukhari
Rector NUST