About Us Rector’s Message

Rector’s Message

Welcome to the National University of Sciences & Technology!

It is a privilege to lead such a pre-eminent institution of higher learning. During our first three decades of excellence, the NUST family has worked diligently in developing contemporary facilities, academic curricula and international linkages, while nurturing diverse talents for the nation. Today, NUST stands as a benchmark for having epitomised an integrated ecosystem of quality education, and cutting-edge research and innovation. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) typically require centuries to generate an impact of such magnitude on society.

NUST’s success is the result of unparalleled dedication on the part of its academic leadership, faculty, staff and alumni. Our core ambition is to nurture and groom young fertile brains through experiential learning. Sustaining this leadership for the next three decades and beyond requires futuristic thinking, extensive planning and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving world. To achieve this end, we have set four priority areas for our growth. The first priority is talent development through a bi-directional focus on student learning and innovative approaches to teaching. The second priority area is to strengthen NUST in emerging fields of science and technology that will have a major impact on society. Our third priority is to promote application-focused research & development endeavours. The fourth and the most challenging domain is to march on a road less travelled to evolve NUST as a 4th generation university.

I welcome you to join us in any capacity to shape the future, lead the nation’s progress and contribute to serve the humanity.

Engr Javed Mahmood Bukhari

January 2022