Admissions NSHS MBBS Admission Policy – Cardinal Points

MBBS Admission Policy – Cardinal Points

Foreign Seats:
  • NSHS shall admit 15% students on foreign seats.
  • Where a foreign student is defined as “a student who holds a permanent foreign nationality or is an overseas Pakistani (being a Pakistani citizen permanently resident in a foreign country), and who has studied and passed HSSC 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan and is a resident of a foreign country at the time of applying for admission and possess a certificate from the institution last attended to this effect”.
Verification of Credentials:
  • The Registrar Directorate shall be responsible for verifying the credentials of a student admitted including the student’s SSC, HSSC or equivalent qualification & NUMS MDCAT result.
  • The final verified list will be submitted to PM&DC and shall represent a certificate of such verification. The University shall cancel any provisional admission where the credentials of a student are not verified.
Registration of Admitted Student With PM&DC:
  • A student admitted to NSHS after being verified by the Registrar Directorate shall be registered by the PM&DC as medical student.
Payment of Fee:
  • The foreign student shall pay the prescribed fee in foreign exchange only and that this fee may be higher than the fee for Pakistani students.
  • A student can pay tuition fee in installments on quarterly, six monthly or annual basis, with 0% discount on quarterly, 2% on 6 monthly & 4% discount on annual basis.
  • If a student defaults in payment of tuition fee, he/she shall be liable to be expelled from medical program and the student shall be allowed to clear payment within two weeks from the start of the classes.
  • Any student paying fee in installments defaulting for next installment will be given 2 weeks otherwise he/she will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • If a student after obtaining admission seeks to leave the program, the NSHS have the right to adjust the tuition fee already paid pro-rata to the period spent by the student in the program along with a penalty not exceeding 10 % of the total annual fee.
Transfer/ Migration Policy:
  • There will be no transfer in first 2 years of MBBS program.
Vacant Seat:
  • Registrar Dte. shall publicly display vacant seats for at least 14 days and PMDC will be informed within 14 days of such vacancy occurring.
  • A three working day window shall be granted after the closure of applicable admissions to fill a seat remaining vacant due to a cancellation of the offer by a student through their respective waiting lists.