Defaulters DR Kashif Sharif

DR Kashif Sharif

Assistant Professor, Dr Kashif Sharif was awarded scholarship for PhD in Computer Science during 2006. After Completion of PhD, he joined SEECS/NUST in Feb 2013 to fulfil his bond obligations of 5 years. After serving of 3 years and 3 months, he left NUST without any leave and is absent without leave till date. Assistant Professor Dr Kashif Sharif did not fulfil his bond obligations to serve NUST for the complete 5x years and is still required to serve remaining 1 year and 9 months.

Till date he has neither joined back NUST nor refunded any amount which makes him a defaulter of the Govt. of Pakistan.

Important information of ex-SEECS/NUST Assistant Professor Dr Kashif Sharif;

​Name Dr Kashif Sharif
​CNIC No. of Dr Kashif Sharif 35201-1291322-3
Mother’s/Guarantor’s Name Mrs. Parveen Akhtar
CNIC No of Mother/Guarantor​ 35201-1240610-6
Objection against Dr Kashif Sharif Failed to join NUST.
Amount expended US $ 54,600/- and Pak Rs. 82,154/-​
​Liability as per bond Pay 4 x times of the expended amount​
Current Legal Status​ ​Currently the case is in Court of Law for Recovery.