Defaulters Ms. Farhana Jabeen

Ms. Farhana Jabeen

Ms. Farhana Jabeen was awarded scholarship during October 2006 for University of Manchester, UK under NUST Split PhD Programme for MS/MPhil leading to PhD in Computer Engineering. She had signed a bond to serve NUST for 05 years after completion of her PhD but she did not join NUST to fulfil her bond obligations.

Till date, the scholar has neither joined back NUST nor refunded the amount spent on her, which makes her defaulter of the Government of Pakistan.

Important information of Ms. Farhana Jabeen;

​Name ​Ms. Farhana Jabeen
​CNIC No. of Ms. Farhana Jabeen 37405-0461489-4​
​Father’s/Guarantor’s Name ​Mr. Fida Muhammad
​CNIC No of Guarantor 37405-7799934-5​
​Cause of legal action against
Ms. Farhana Jabeen
After completion of PhD degree, she returned to Pakistan but did not join NUST.​
​Amount expended Rs 59,369/- (Rs 0.059 M), US$ 29,150/-, UK£19,395/-​
​Liability as per bond ​Pay 4 x times of the expended amount.
​Current Status ​Currently the case is in Court of Law for Recovery.