Defaulters Mr Saifullah Amir

Mr Saifullah Amir

Mr Saifullah Amir was awarded scholarship for MS in Electrical Engineering during 2006. After successful completion of MS, he joined SEECS/NUST as Lecturer on 06th Apr 2009 to fulfil his bond obligation to serve NUST for 3 x years.

He was later allowed to avail fully funded PhD after signing a fresh bond that he will serve NUST for two years after completion of PhD awarded. However, after successful completion of PhD, he did not return back and did not fulfil bond obligation to join back NUST.

Till date he has neither joined back NUST nor refunded any amount which makes him a defaulter of the Govt. of Pakistan.

Important information of ex-SEECS/NUST Saifullah Amir is as under;


​Name Mr Saifullah Amir
​CNIC No. of Mr Saifullah Amir ​37405-0248195-9
Residential Addresses Permanent:

·         H.No. SD-59, Askari 7 ,Adyala Road Rawalpindi, District Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan


·         Calslaan 49-21 7522 MJ Enscheda Netherlands

Brother’s/Guarantor’s Name Gholam Sibtain Faruqi


·         House No SD-59, Street No 11, Askari 07 Adyala Road, Rawalpindi

CNIC No of Brother/Guarantor​ 37405-0248196-9
Objection against Mr Saifullah Amir Did not join back NUST and failed to refund NUST​ spent Amount
Amount expended US $ 31,600/-, Euro= 450/- and Pak Rs. 67,113/-​
​Liability as per bond Pay 2 x times of the expended amount​
Current Legal Status​ ​Defaulter