Question: When Admissions in PhD at NUST are advertised?

Admissions in PhD are advertised semi-annually for spring semester and Fall semester.

(>Admissions>PhD Programmes>PhD Admissions)


Question: Which Documents are required for PhD admission?

(1)       NOC from the Service HQ if serving in the Armed Forces of Pakistan /

NOC from the organization (If employed).

(2)       Research Proposal.

(3)       SSC Certificate / DMC or equivalence.

(4)       HSSC Certificate/DMC or equivalence.

(5)       Bachelor’s transcripts and Degree.

(6)        MA/MSc (16-year education) transcripts and degree.

(7)       MS/MPhil (18-year education) transcript and degree (with CH details including CH of coursework +  CH of thesis works) duly verified from HEC.

(8)       Domicile Certificate.

(9)       CNIC (NADRA).

(10)     HEC Equivalence for MS/MPhil (for Foreign degree)

(11)     Copy of passport (for foreigner candidate).

(12)     For International/National Students: valid Score of GRE (General) conducted by ETS, USA OR GAT-Subject test conducted by      NTS or  NUST PhD admission Test (as applicable).​​​


Question: If my application is selected at initial scrutiny what will be the next step?

​You will be called for interview and test (if applicable) by the respective institution/department.​


Question: If I cleared my interview/test what will be the next step?

​Your case will be presented in PPCM (PhD Processing Committee Meeting) at Main Office, NUST. The committee will make the final decision in light of institution recommendation, eligibility Criteria, relevancy etc.​


Question: What are the stages for selection of PhD candidate Admission are at NUST?

​There are three major steps.

  1. Initial scrutiny of eligibility.
  2. Interview/test (if Applicable) at department/ institutions.
  3. Deliberation of recommended PhD student by PPCM at Main Office, NUST.

​​It is also mentioned that the student can be rejected at any of the above-mentioned steps.​


Question: How I will be informed if my admission is confirmed?

​You will receive an email by PGP Directorate main office, NUST. Furthermore, you can call at 051-90851068 during office hours for the update on PhD admission. ​


Question: If I have a very urgent issue and not getting a reply to email what should I do?

​The PhD section will reply you in due course of time after processing of your request/query. Although you can call at 051-90851068 and 051-90851047 during office hours or visit room 318, PGP Dte, Main office NUST further details.  ​


Question: Is it necessary to clear GAT (Subject) prior to admission in NUST?

Yes,  Passing of relevant GAT subject test with the valid score is prerequisite for admission in PhD at NUST. However, online application for PhD Admission can be submitted without GAT score.


Question: Can I apply for admission if I have not cleared GAT Subject Test but I have registered for GAT Subject Test?

Yes, you can process your online application but you have to provide valid result card at PGP directorate NUST Main office for further processing.


Question: What are passing marks in GRE / GAT (Subject) tests for admission in PhD?

For National/International Students​

GAT (Subject) Test for Direct PhD programme by NTS (Score =>  60%) IF NTS (Subject) Test is not offered in particular subject then NUST PhD admission test (Score => 70%) OR  GRE (General) conducted by ETS, USA, with following minimum score separately in each section:-

Description Scale
Quantitative 151/170​
Verbal​ 146/170​
Analytical Writing 3.5/6.0​



Question: I have got first division in my MPhil degree. Am I eligible to apply for PhD admission?

Yes, Candidate having MS/MPhil degree with CGPA > 3.0 out of 4.0 are eligible to apply for admission in PhD Programmes.


Question: How can I apply for admission to NUST?

On the announcement of admission schedule in National press and website, you can apply online for the desired PhD Programme through NUST website    link ‘” before the given deadline.


Question: Do I have to attach a copy of the paid fee challan with the online application?

You only have to mention the name of the HBL (Habib Bank Limited) branch and date of deposit in the online form.


Question: What are the disciplines in which NUST offers PhD Programmes?

For details of NUST PhD Programmes you may visit our website link ‘Admission’->’PhD Programmes‘->’Programmes of Study’.


Question: What are the fees for the PhD Programmes?

For fee and funding details, please visit our website ‘” link ‘Admissions’ ‘PhD Programmes’ ‘Fee and Funding‘.


Question: What is the registration process for the NTS organized GAT (Subject)?

One can register for the test online on the NTS website


Question: Can I transfer my credits earned from other University / Institute?

No migration or transfer of credit from other university is allowed in the PhD Programme at NUST.


Question: I have done DAE (in lieu of FSc), Bachelors of Engineering and MS (Engg). Am I eligible for admission in PhD Programme in relevant engineering discipline?

Yes, you are eligible for admission in the PhD programme of relevant engineering discipline.​


Question: Is there any scholarship or financial support to PhD students at NUST?

For more details, kindly check


Question: Do I fall under the expatriate student category?

​If you are temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than Pakistan, and hold either a Pakistani passport or dual nationality (one of them being Pakistani), you fall under the expatriate student category.


Question: How can I apply at NUST if I am an expatriate student?

​An expatriate holding either Pakistani passport or dual nationality can apply for online admission whenever admissions are advertised


Question: I am a born Pakistani with a foreign passport, can I apply as an expatriate student?

​An expatriate having single foreign nationality cannot apply for admission as an expatriate. However, you can apply as an international candidate.


Question: Is it mandatory to upload the Research Proposal?

​Yes, it is mandatory to upload research proposal in PDF form. However, the candidate can change/refine their proposal after admission in NUST PhD Programme.


Question: Can I choose any one of two tests, GAT Subject NTS and GAT subject by NUST?

NO, you have to qualify GAT Subject NTS. If NTS ​ does not offer the test of that particular subject, then NUST will conduct its own test.​


Question: Is it a candidate’s choice to select/attend either NTS subject test or NUST local GRE Test?

​No, the candidate has to attend NTS subject type test. If in case, NTS subject test is not offered in particular discipline then NUST will conduct PhD admission test.


Question: What will be the process after submitting online forms?

​Following steps will be informed via email

  1. Verification of your challan form.
  2. Scrutiny of your application form.
  3. If accepted, you will be called for interview and test (if applicable) by the Institute.​


Question: Is it mandatory to upload research proposal for an online application?

​Yes, it is necessary to upload research proposal for online application. Although, you can refine/change the research proposal after the admission in PhD Programme. ​


Question: Which GAT Subject Test of NTS is valid for which PhD programme at NUST?

S.No. Institutions Disciplines Required for GAT (Subject) NTS Required NUST PhD Admission Test
1 MCS Software Engg Computer Science
Electrical Engg Telecom Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering
Information Security Computer Science
2 C of E&ME Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics Engineering
Engineering Management Engineering Management
Software Engg Computer Science
Applied Mathematics Mathematics
3 PNEC Electrical Engineering Telecom Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engg & Mgmt Manufacturing Engg & Mgmt
4 SNS Mathematics Mathematics
Statistics Statistics
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
5 ASAB Applied Biosciences Agriculture-Food Sciences, Agriculture-Plant  Genetics, Bio-Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Botany, Chemistry, Veterinary (Animal Sciences), Microbiology, Zoology
6 SCEE Environmental Engineering Environmental Sciences
Environmental Science Environmental Sciences
Urban & Regional Planning Urban & Regional Planning
Remote Sensing and GIS Remote Sensing and GIS
Water Resources Engg & Management Water Resources Engg & Management
Construction Engg & Mgmt Civil Engineering Construction Engg & Mgmt
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering Structural Engineering
7 SEECS Electrical Engineering Telecom Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
Electronics Engineering
Information Technology Computer Science
Computer Science Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Computer Science
Information Security Computer Science
8 SINES Computational Science & Engineering Bioinformatics,  Computational Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Applied Mechanics, , Computer Science, Communication Systems & Network,  Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computational physics, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Information security, Telecom Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy, Physics, Statistics & Zoology
9 SCME Materials and Surface Engg Metallurgical and Material Engineering
Chemical Engg Chemical Engg
Nanosciences & Engg Nanosciences & Engg
10 NBS Business Administration Management Sciences
11 SMME Design & Manufacturing Engineering Design & Mfr Engg
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engg Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engg
Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering
12 S3H Economics Economics
Psychology Psychology
13 CIPS Peace & Conflict Studies Peace & Conflict Studies
14 USPCAS-E Energy System Engineering Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical & Material Engineering and Physics Energy System Engineering
Thermal Energy Engineering Thermal Energy Engineering
​Electrical  Engineering (Power) Electrical  Engineering (Power)
15 CAE Avionics Engineering Electronics/Electrical/ Computer Science
Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Telecom Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
16 MCE Mining Engineering Mining Engineering
17 NIT Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Transportation Engineering Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering Structural Engineering
18 NBC Computer Science Computer Science