Admissions Scholarships NEED BASED FINANCIAL AID


Important to Note

  • To be considered for NUST scholarships, it is mandatory for candidates to apply for external scholarships e.g Scottish, BEEF, CMEEF, SEEF, PEEF etc. candidates will be required to furnish proof of applying / result for such scholarships.
  • Few govt. bodies and external donors like HEC, provincial governments also provide scholarships to NUST students. Students are required to apply for them through respective bodies e.g HEC, BEEF, SEEF, CMEEF, PEEF etc.

Need Based Financial Aid Alongwith Admission

  • Need Based Financial Aid Program aims to make NUST accessible to the most financially challenged students​, admitted purely on merit. The program is bolstered by NUSTs’ own resources and external funding, which seek to facilitate students from low and middle income families.
  • Need based financial aid is offered to Undergraduate and Masters students in form of:
    • Need Based​ Scholarships: Covering Partial / Full academic expenditures for Partial / full duration of the studies (Maximum 2 & 4 years for Masters & Undergraduate respectively).
    • Facility to deposit fee in installments. This facility is not applicable to admission / 1st semester dues.
  • We are here to guide you through the financial aid process from application to graduation.
  • Financial Aid Office (FAO) is located in H-12 Islamabad. Visitors are welcome (09:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m) on all working days.

How to Apply?

​​​​STEP 1

Submit the online NUST Need Based Financial Aid Application Form (NFAAF) 

  • NFAAF collects biographical and financial information required to determine eligibility for financial aid. It includes:
    • Parents / guardians’ gross income.
    • Assets.
    • Number of people (earning hands & Dependents) in the household and
    • Cumulative expenses etc.
  • Due date to submit NFAAF is the same as that of online admission application form(s). Candidate must complete and submit NFAAF within due date else he/she will not be considered for any of financial aid.
  • Candidates are required to attach soft copy of supporting documents with NFAAF.

Guidelines to Access and Submit NFAAF

​​STEP 2

Submit Supp​orting Documents (in Hard Form) in FAO upon receiving​ an email from FAO. Mailing address is as under:
Room No 206,
Second Floor,
RIC Building,
Sector H-12, Islamabad


​​STEP 3

A​ccept your provisional scholarship offer

  • Candidates who are provisionally selected for need based scholarship at the time of admission, will receive a financial aid decision (in provisional admission offer letter) in July / August.
  • Candidates may accept or decline provisional financial aid offer.


​STEP 4​​​

 To secure admission seat and avail scholarship slot, candidates will be required to submit admission dues 
  • Once dues are submitted, scholarship slot may be transferred to whichever discipline the candidate​ finally opts to join. Candidates will request for transfer of scholarship to other disciplines, in which they are offered admission, by sending an email on [email protected].


​​STEP 5

Submit Deed Of Agreement​ in Financial​ Aid Office within the stipulated time period


How Aid Works

  • Net Disposable Income (NDI) is mainly the difference between income & expenses of the household. It is the amount of money a family is expected to contribute towards academic expenditures of candidate.
  • It is referred to as Expected Family Contribution in NFAAF.
  • NDI will be calculated based on the information provided by candidate in NFAAF. Following factors are also considered while determining NDI:
    • Parent / Guardian Status.
    • No of Dependent Family members.
    • No of Dependents studying.
    • Support from current / fixed assets.
    • Structure / Ownership of house.
    • Nature / magnitude of monthly expenses.
  • Financial Need is determined by the difference between the academic expenditures & NDI.
  • Financial Aid is awarded in the basis of financial need.

Need Assessment Process​

  • Need Assessment Process begins immediately after submission of NFAAF.
  • FAO works closely with candidates’ family to determine financial need and NDI.
  • FAO also reconciles information on NFAAF against the documents provided including their tenor and validity; seeking clarifications, if any.
  • FAO informs candidates (via email / web account) to submit adequate / missing documents. Candidates are required to submit soft copies of adequate / missing documents within due dates, given by FAO, to remain in the scholarship selection process.
  • Evaluation sheets are prepared. These sheets contain brief summary of credentials, covering all the aspects to be presented to the financial aid committee for final decision.
  • The NUST financial aid committee reviews these evaluation​ sheets along with the supporting documents before making their decision, which is purely based on need.
  • Decision is communicated to the students through an official provisional scholarship award letter / email ​.
  • The FAO reserves the right to conduct periodic reviews to ensure the award is granted to the needy students only.
  • NUST carries the discretion to physically verify facts stated by the candidate while applying for financial aid at any point of time during the academic life cycle at NUST. It may include a visit to house/ business premises or inquiry from the surrounding neighbors.​


  • ​We are pleased to announce that NUST’s Need Based Scholarship (NNBS) program has been granted a Shariah compliant certificate/ Fatwa, which would enable the University to collect and disburse zakat funds from donors and spend them directly on the educational needs of students from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • The University has taken all necessary efforts and precautions to ensure that the NNBS system of zakat collection and disbursement is Shariah compliant.
  • Download a copy of the certificate here:​


Need Based Financial Aid During Academic Cycle

How to Apply?

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