Steps to Access NUST Financial Aid Application Form (NFAAF)​

​​​STEP 1



  • Fill Admission form.
  • Give Willingness to Apply for Financial Aid.

​​STEP 3

  • Access NFAAF, by clicking on the tab titled ‘Need Based Financial Aid Application’.
  • ​Remember, this tab will only appear provided you have given willingness to apply for Financial​ Aid (Step 2)
    • Video Tutorials are given on the bottom of page.

Guidelines to Fill / Submit NFAAF

  • Scr​eening of applications will be done on basis of the information provided in NFAAF, so make sure that you fill out each section of the online application form very carefully.
  • Candidates are instr​ucted to fill the form in supervision of their parents/ guardians.​
  • ​Providing false information Will lead to cancellation of admission and recovery of dues.
  • There are va​ri​ous sections of your application. You will be able to submit your application once ALL sections in the application form show the status as completed.
  • You will be required to attach soft copies (of size less than 250 Kb each) of supporting documents with NFAAF, in case documents not available: Application may be attached instead , giving reason for not attaching document. Please click here for details.
  • You can co​​mplete your application in multiple sessions but not after passing of the due date. Due date of NFAAF is same as that of NET admission application form so must submit NFAAF within due date of NET.
  • If you want​ to make changes to information that you have entered previously, simply re-enter the correct information and save it again.
  • Once you filled in​ the information for a section correctly, the status for the section will change to Complete. You will be able to see the status of each section on the main page.
  • After entering​ the required information for a section always remember to press the “Save & return” button to save your data/changes.
  • The​ save option only saves your data in the database. The data will not be transferred to Financial Aid Office till your online application is submitted.
  • Wh​en you are satisfied and ready to send it to the university, click on the check box given at the bottom of application page to agree to the given conditions.
  • You​ will only be able to submit your application if you check the “Undertaking”. Carefully read the Undertaking statement and click the check box once you agree with its content.
  • This​ will enable the “Submit” button near the bottom of the page. Review your application thoroughly & Press the “Submit” button to submit your application.
  • Mak​e corrections to your data (before submission).
  • On submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation email from NUST. Please print this email and keep it for your record. If you do not receive any email, please recheck your application submission status. You may also contact the Financial Aid Office ([email protected] , [email protected])
  • Please don’t share your log in details with your friends and colleagues.
  • All correspondence regarding the scholarship will be through email. Check your email regularly for updates.
  • If granted admission and selected for scholarship you will be required to place all your supporting documents- attached with online scholarship application form- in ONE envelope and mail it to the NUST Financial Aid Office (Room No 318, Second Floor, Main Office Building, Sector H-12, Islamabad).
  • Check your email (including spam / junk folders) & web accounts regularly for updates from FAO.
  • Scholarship applications forwarded separately will not be entertained.


Checklist of Supporting Documents for NFAAF​​

​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​​