NFAAF – Documentation Requirements

  • Candidates requiring financial aid will attach soft copy of ALL supporting documents to complete ​the last section of Need Based Financial Aid Application Form (NFAAF).
  • This is a mandatory requirement for completing / submitting NFAAF only.
  • Processing of NFAAF has no effect on the admission application.
  • Checklist of supporting documents will be auto generated on the basis of information provided by the candidate in other sections of NFAAF.
  • Candidates are advised to complete NFAAF well before due date to gain maximum time to arrange supporting documents.
  • Supporting​ documents of NFAAF may include the following:
    • Income certificates of all earning members of the family which include:
    • Salary slips of last three months for salaried persons.
    • Pension book for retired persons.
    • A certificate/proof/ legal affidavit in case of other type of income.
    • Retirement Order/ Final Settlement Letter in case any one of parents or guardian is retired.
    • Income Tax Returns of all earning members & of business in case of businessman.
    • Bank Statements (for the last 12 months) of all bank accounts in the names of all the family members and in the name of business in case of businessmen.
    • Utility Bills (last month) – Electricity, Gas, Phone and Water.
    • Rental Lease Agreement (if the residence or any other property is being leased for residence or business purposes or if excess property is leased to any other person/ party for income purposes).
    • Copies of Saving Certificates/ Bonds/ Shares/ CDC Statement.
    • Loan Document(s) of Loan outstanding as a liability (loan sanctioning document & payment plan) and loan receivable from any relative, financial institution, agency or organization.
    • Medical bills/ expenditure related documents (if any of the family member is suffering from any fatal/ serious disease). Please also provide a brief history of the medical ailment.
    • Property ownership documents (house, plots, agricultural land, flat, shops etc.). Allotment letter in case the property has been provided by the employer.
    • Vehicle(s) Registration documents of the vehicles being used by the family. Allotment letter in case the vehicle has been provided by the employer.
    • Mortgage/ Lease document(s) (in case Land, house, car or any other property has been taken/ given on lease).
    • Fee receipts & Fee Concession (Scholarship/Loan) document(s) of sibling(s)/ dependent(s) – from any institution including NUST.
    • Fee receipt & Fee Concession (Scholarship/Loan) document from the last institution the applicant attended.
    • Domicile Certificate of the applicant only.
    • Copies of CNIC/ B – Form of Applicant and Parents/ Guardian.
    • Picture(s) of the house you are residing in (Outside & Inside View).
    • Any other document(s) demonstrating financial need.
  • Documents will be attested by Govt. officer (BPS 17 or above).
  • Documents forwarded separately (via email, courier, any other means) will not be accepted.

Size of Each Attachment 

  • Should be less than 250 Kb​.

Scrutiny of Supporting Documents by FAO After Submission Of NFAAF

  • Scrutiny of supporting documents will begin after NFAAF has been submitted.
  • Where necessary FAO will ask candidates (via email & web account) to:
    • Remove deficiencies and submit afresh.
    • Provide additional supporting documents.
  • Candidates will log in to their web accounts to attach adequate / additional documents with NFAAF.
  • It is candidates’ responsibility to remove deficiencies within given time to remain in the scholarship selection process.
  • Candidates are advised to check their emails (all folders including Junk / spam) and web accounts regularly for updates from FAO.
  • Providing false information will lead to cancellation of admission, blacklisting and recovery of dues.

For Candidates Requiring Additional Time to Submit or Unable to Submit Supporting Documents

  • Candidates may attach undermentioned requests, in place of supporting document(s) to complete / submit NFAAF:
  • Additional time to submit supporting document(s) due to valid reasons.
  • Exemption from submission of supporting document(s) due to valid reasons.
  • FAO will carry out scrutiny of each request after NFAAF has been submitted​ and inform candidates accordingly.

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